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Bath City Supporters Society works with Bath City FC and in the community, providing an independent voice for City fans.

The Society is a membership-driven organisation that exists to represent the views and concerns of our member supporters.

It originally formed in 2003 to enable dedicated supporters of Bath City to acquire substantial community ownership of the club.

We are now the single largest shareholder in Bath City FC, and so will have a key role to play in deciding the club’s future.

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Invitation to Bath City Supporters Society AGM

This is an invitation for all members to attend the 2018 AGM ofBath City Supporters Society will take place at 7:00pm on Thursday 21st June, at Twerton Park. The proposed agenda includes:

· Supporters’ Society Committee ballot

· Club Board ballot

· Chairman’s report

· Treasurer’s report

· Motions

· Election Results

Supporters’ Society Committee election ballot

There are 6 positions on the Supporters’ Society Committee subject to election in June. All Society members are eligible for election to the Committee.

Society Committee members are accountable to you, the members. As the majority shareholder of Bath City Football Club the Society Committee helps set the strategy and direction of the Club. It has oversight over the Club Board, supporting and scrutinising – ensuring we are all acting in a co-ordinated way and in the best interests of the Football Club.

Individual Society Committee members are embedded in the Club Board Working Groups (Community, Commercial, Marketing, Redevelopment, Operations,Football and Finance) and have responsibilities which include Supporter /member Communications, Finance and Fund-raising.

If you wish to stand for election for the Society Committee please download and complete this form (or the enclosed form) send it to or by post to the address indicated by midnight Monday 4th June 2018

Club Board election ballot

Supporters’ Society members have an opportunity to elect 6 of the 9 Club Board members. Board members are accountable to the Society Committee and are responsible for the operation of the Football Club - devising and executing strategy organised around the Working Groups (Community, Commercial, Marketing,Redevelopment, Operations, Football and Finance).

If you wish to stand for election for either the Club Board, please download and complete this form (or the enclosed form) and send it to or by post to the address indicated by midnight Monday 4th June 2018

Standing for Election

Successful candidates have an opportunity and a responsibility to take an active role in the running of the Football Club. Members should be prepared to make a serious commitment to the Club and take personal responsibility for a specific role.

You will need to include a 200-400 word written statement setting out your prospectus for becoming a Club Board director or Society Committee member as well as a colour photo of yourself. Please see the relevant nomination form for more details.


If there are motions you wish to be discussed by the members at the AGM then please download and complete this form (or the enclosed form) and either send to or by post to the address indicated by midnight 4th June 2018.

Note that these will be assessed for validity.

Next Steps

An agenda and voting options will be sent out at least two weeks prior to the meeting, (approx..7th June). This will contain any Motions and a complete list of nominees for the both the Society Committee and Club Board.


Michael Clayton (Chair)

Bath CitySupporters’ Society

EGM - Future of the Twerton Park pitch

The Supporters’ Society called an EGM on Weds 25th April 2018. The single purpose of the EGM was to conduct a ballot to establish the members’ views on converting the Twerton Park pitch from grass to a “FIFA Quality Pro” surface. Those attending had the opportunity to cast a vote via a secure ballot box on the evening. Society members were also able to either on-line or via a postal vote – on a one member, one vote basis.

The Motion

All members were invited to vote “Yes” or “No” on the following motion:

“Bath City should immediately and provisionally pursue replacing the Twerton Park pitch with a "FIFA Quality Pro surface" subject to the conditions in the feasibility study being met. This would include a clear and sustainable plan to secure capital funding.”


  • Yes: 226 votes (89%)
  • No: 28 votes (11%)
  • Total: 254 votes
Therefore, the motion is carried.

We will inform the Club Board of the result and request we conduct the next phase by completing the business case, explore the funding options and satisfy the other conditions laid out in the 3G Feasibility Study

A break down of the results (by voting method) can be found at this link.

The meeting minutes can be found at this link.


A huge thank you to everybody who helped this EGM and vote happen. To scrutineer Mike Laughton, Compliance officer Paul Brotherton, The Club Board (and authors) for the informative and thorough Feasibility study, Cheryl Bradley for the membership details etc. Most of all,thanks to the fans / Society members for the healthy and informed debate conducted with dignity and respect. It’s a complex and emotional topic. It is clear that whilst we can agree and disagree, we ALL have the best interests of Bath City at heart.


Michael Clayton (Chair)

Bath City Supporters’ Society

A Recommendation by the Bath City Supporters’ Society Board on the future of the Twerton Park pitch.

The Bath City Supporters’ Society Board are recommending to members that they support the initiative to introduce a “FIFA Quality Pro”pitch at Twerton Park. We encourage Society members to vote “Yes”in the imminent EGM / Vote on the subject on 25th April.

This is an important decision for the future of the football club and we believe every member has a duty to make an informed decision on the topic. The Society Board has reviewed the Feasibility study and numerous other supporting documents, we have listened to the views of members, supporters, residents and others and we have debated this thoroughly. We believe that it is in the best interests of Bath City Football Club to pursue this option. We recognise the 3 key themes that underpin the initiative and support the conclusions reached by the Club Board on each.


The Society Board is mindful of the recent members’ survey which placed sustainability as the No. 1 priority for the club. We believe that, providing a suitable funding model can be attained, the latent demand for an artificial pitch in BANES is such that it will become a significant source of revenue and a cornerstone of the evolving Bath City Business Plan - as the business model in the Feasibility Study indicates. We are not aware of any other single initiative that has the potential to make this positive impact.


The Club is committed to being part of and contributing to the Community. The increased use and awareness of Twerton Park that a “FIFA Quality Pro” pitch will bring - both for the BCFC / Bath footballing community and the wider the residents of Twerton and BANES - can only be beneficial and are integral to evolving Twerton Park into a hub for all 7 days a week.


We are satisfied that the Club Board and the Feasibility study have addressed all the tangible /qualitative aspects of a “FIFA Quality Pro” pitch. We recognise that the EFL do not currently allow artificial pitches and so will watch closely when the matter is debated and voted upon again by EFL members in June. Our aim is not to jeopardise promotion should the opportunity arise. We are convinced that the quality of the playing surface we have identified has matured to the point that it plays ‘true’, as evidenced by its use in international matches and top-flight European football leagues.

Please join us in voting “Yes”. Here is alink to the details of the members voting details.

If you have any questions, concerns or observations, pleasecontact

Bath City Supporters' Society EGM Notification - 25th April 2018

Dear Society Member

The Supporters’ Society invites all members to attend an EGM (1930hrs - 2100hrs) on Weds 25thApril 2018 in the TR Hayes Lounge, Twerton Park BA2 1DB.


This is a single-purpose Extraordinary General Meeting called to conduct a ballot to establish the members’ views on converting the Twerton Park pitch from grass to a “FIFA Quality Pro” surface. Those attending will have the opportunity to discuss and debate the motion and then cast a vote via a secure ballot box on the evening. Alternatively, it will be possible to vote either on-line or via a postal vote (details below). It will NOT be possible to change the wording of the motion as the process for the postal vote and the on-line voting will have commenced.

Informed Decision

As a member of the Society you have a duty to make an informed decision on this important topic. Please take every opportunity to understand the implications of the decision. The Club Board commissioned a Feasibility Study which was sent to you previously if you are not on-line. Alternatively, the Feasibility Study, an FAQ document and supporter docs are to be found at this link. Also, the Society hosted an Open Discussion on 22nd March. The presentation and meeting summary are found at this link. There are also numerous relevant documents available to read, on request, at Twerton Park.

The Motion

All members will be invited to vote “Yes” or “No” to the following motion:

“Bath City should immediately and provisionally pursue replacing the Twerton Park pitch with a "FIFA Quality Pro surface" subject to the conditions in the feasibility study being met. This would include a clear and sustainable plan to secure capital funding.”


Following the commissioning and publication of the Feasibility Study and having listened to all points of view, The Club Board recommend that you vote“yes” to this motion.


Each eligible Society member is entitled to one vote. The vote will be overseen by a neutral observer who will ensure it is conducted according to the Society’s constitution and s/he will report the results. The aim is to announce the results no later than Friday 27th April.

All members registered on the date of the EGM notification (11th April 2018) will be eligible to vote and can do so by one of the following three methods.

Voting Options:

You can vote using ONE of the following methods.

All votes must be received before midnight on 25th April 2018.

1. Postal Vote:

Please state your Name and Address and the word "Yes" or "No" and at post it to:

“Pitch Vote”

Bath City Supporter’s Society

Bath City Football Club

Twerton Park


2. Ballot

You are invited to attend the EGM at Twerton Park as per this invitation letter.

Please make yourself known to the returning officer who will provide you with a ballot slip. Place it in the ballot box provided on the night.

3. On-line

The Society will be sending details to all members for whom we have e-mail addresses using the Helios tool on Sunday 22nd April. If you have received this note via e-mail we propose to use this address. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure we have the correct e-mail address. The on-line voting instructions and the question will be embedded in the notification e-mail.


Michael Clayton

Chair, Bath City Supporters’ Society

Twerton Park pitch - Summary of an Open Discussion

An open meeting was held at Twerton Park on 22nd March to discuss the future and options for the Twerton Park pitch. Approx 50 members attended the meeting in person and there were 30/40 people who listened in via Bath City Internet Radio who kindly broadcast the meeting live and allowed listener interaction via their messaging service.

The evening was jointly hosted by Michael Clayton and Nick Blofeld, chair of the Supporters' Society and the Club Board respectively. The discussion was conducted in a constructive and respectful manner with a wide range of views, questions and observations being expressed by all.

On the Bath City Supporters' Society website there are copies of the presentation document - used to inform and give structure to the discussion - and a summary of the meeting which includes the questions and viewpoints raised.

Members Meeting: Open Discussion on future of Twerton Park pitch - Thurs 22nd March 2018

Dear Bath City Supporters' Society Members

You are cordially invited to attend an open meeting to discuss the future of the playing surface at Twerton Park. We need to make a decision in the near future about whether to retain a grass playing surface or replace it with an artificial surface (FIFA Quality Pro).

This is a chance for all to air the relative merits of each so that the members can make an informed decision when we take this to a vote at the subsequent EGM. The date of the EGM is yet to be set and will be dependent of any outstanding matters arising from this discussion.

When; 7.30pm Thursday 22nd March

Where: Twerton Park, BA2 1DB

The Club Board commissioned a Feasibility Study on the subject which studied the issue extensively and reached conclusion that we should convert the pitch to an artificial surface. This is therefore the Board's recommendation (subject to the caveats within the document). You can view the Feasibility Study by following this link along with documents referenced, a FAQ document and a document authored by two Society members which makes the case for grass.


Please also RSVP to help us get a sense of the attendance we can anticipate.

Bath City FC - Sponsoring Team Travel - An Opportunity

Bath City Supporters' Society has committed to raising the ~£15Kpa to sponsor the team coach to away matches for the season. Whilst we have a cunning plan for season 18/19, we have a number of initiatives which we are running this season to reach our target. These include:

  • Events (watch this space)
  • Sponsorship - by local (travel) companies. Let us know if you are one or know any suitable candidates
  • Donations
We would like to offer you the opportunity to make a donation to this worthy and necessary cause.

Please click on the Supporters' Society Local Giving page to donate.

Or send donations by cheque to:

FAO BC Supporter’s Society (Travel Funding), Twerton Park, Twerton, Bath, BA2 1DB

Bath City - Working with the Community of Bath - An Opportunity

Have you ever wondered or have you heardpeople say, “Why aren't the Club doing [insert thing here] now that they're all'Community-focused'?”. Well you couldhelp make ‘that thing’ happen.

There are opportunities for you to support and initiate Community initiatives that SallyHarris (Director) is managing. We are offering you a chance to help put the club at the heart of the Bath community. If you are community-minded and / or have experience of organising events / projects / social fundraising or the ability to develop ideas into reality you should seriously consider this. Equally, you might have links within local organisations and could help us develop these connections for the benefit of all. We need people to volunteer to own and have direct involvement (as parents or participants, in your school or club or society. Is this you?

We have already successfully collaborated with Kick It Out, Woman at the Game, Time Bank Plus, Age UK BANES, Bath Welcomes Refugees, Bath Amnesty, Autism Unseen, B&NES Council and BEMS+, and are developing a social impact strategy to guide our work in the coming years. The key pillars of our draft strategy are health and wellbeing, education and employment, social inclusion and, running through all of this, sports participation.

If you are interested or if you would like to discuss this please contact us:

Bath City FC Supporters' Society sponsoring Bath City v Whitehawk on 17th Feb

Bath City Supporters' Society are proud to sponsor Bath City's upcoming home game v Whitehawk at Twerton Park (BA2 1DB) on Feb 17th.

If you are a fully paid up member of the Society you are invited to enter a ballot to enjoy the afternoon as a sponsor with free entry to the game and a buffet at half time in one of the Twerton Park hospitality rooms.

Please send an email with the words "WHITEHAWK BALLOT" in the subject line to:

or Tweet


or by Post

FAO BC Supporters' Society, Twerton Park, Twerton, Bath, BA2 1DB

Entries to arrive before 5pm Weds 14th Feb

November Fire and Brew Award goes to Ken Norris

The Supporters' Society is delighted to award the November Fire & Brew Award to Ken Norris. Ken has been invaluable in his voluntary help around the Club, helping make improvements to the toilets, the external appearance of the dressing rooms and numerous electrical jobs. It is not unusual to see Ken spending an 8-hour day helping at the club.

Ken's followed City since the 1940's and counts days of Bert Head, Malcolm Allison and Charlie Fleming among his highlights. But he's just as keen as ever and looking forward to seeing the team progress under Jerry.

Ken receives vouchers courtesy of Fire and Brew. We thank them for their support of this award which recognises the contribution of volunteers and fans to the Club.

The photograph shows Ken receiving his award from Cheryl Bradley.