Bath City Supporters' Society - 2019 AGM

Bath City Supporters' Society - 2019 AGM

Dear Community Shareholder

I wanted to make you aware of the fact that the Supporters’ Society is hosting its 2019 AGM at 7:30pm on Tuesday 25th June, TR Hayes Lounge at Twerton Park.

This is an opportunity for Society members to influence the direction and running of our football club by electing Club Board members, Society Committee members and proposing motions. Indeed, Society members may also wish to put themselves forward as a candidate – or to volunteer in another capacity. It is also an opportunity to hear an up-to-date summary of the achievements, progress and threats facing the football club.

The reason for contacting you is that, according to our records, your membership has lapsed. Therefore, you currently do not have this opportunity to attend the meeting or to vote. This may be deliberate or it may be have happened inadvertently. In buying Community Shares you clearly have some affinity with Bath City and / or you support the principle of Community ownership. I wanted to make you aware of this and to encourage you to consider renewing your membership.

You can visit our web page to renew your membership:

You have preferential rate of £5pa as a Community Shareholder

If you have any questions or observations, please contact

Details of the 2019 AGM, including elections etc. can be found here.


Michael Clayton (Chair)

Bath City Supporters’Society

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Bath City Supporters' Society

Bath City Supporters Society works with Bath City FC and in the community, providing an independent voice for City fans.

The Society is a membership-driven organisation that exists to represent the views and concerns of our member supporters.

It originally formed in 2003 to enable dedicated supporters of Bath City to acquire substantial community ownership of the club.

We are now the single largest shareholder in Bath City FC, and so will have a key role to play in deciding the club’s future.
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