Society 2019 AGM - Election Results

Society 2019 AGM - Election Results

Bath City Supporters’ Society is delighted to announce the results of the ballots conducted on-line and at the 2019 AGM at Twerton Park on Tuesday 25th June 2019.

Club Board

Congratulations to the following on being successfully elected to the Board of Bath City Football Club. This is a three year tenure partly brought about by the need to stagger the tenures of the six Club Board members elected by the Society. We will elect 2 Club Board members each year from now on. We welcome Joy as a very capable Community Director who replaces Sally Harris who had to step down recently for personal reasons. We thank Sally profusely for all her hard work and look forward to supporting Joy to take our Community initiatives to the next level.

Results (% of Yes votes per votes cast)

  • Jon Bickley: 98%
  • Joy Saunders: 96%
Society Committee

Congratulations to the following on being successfully elected to the Supporters' Society Committee of Bath City Football Club. We wish them all well as they strive to represent members' interests.

Results (% of Yes per votes cast)

  • Paul Brotherton: 98%
  • Ken Loach: 94%
  • Stuart Page: 90%
  • Emma Sparks: 98%

The proposed motion (to review the constitution and standing orders - to bring them up-to-date to suit current circumstances) was approved.

Results (% of Yes per votes cast)

  • Motion 1: 100%
Chairman's comments:

Many thanks to Society members James Carlin and Marc Thomas for conducting an efficient and transparent election. Whilst the turn out was low (approx 96/ 350 - i.e.27%) it is comparable to previous years and the results are very clear. I would like to formally thank both the Club Board and the Society Committee for all their efforts, progress and significant commitment to date. In particular, we are all indebted to Cheryl Bradley, Pete McCormack and Sally Harris who have chosen to stand down from their respective roles having given many hours of dedicated service.

I am confident that, if we all (members, supporters and people of Bath and surrounds alike) continue to work together in this next phase,together we will build a successful and sustainable future for Bath City FC. #romanfamily

Here is a link to the 2019 AGM Chairman's Summary.

Here is a link to the Society's Financial accounts (as approved by an independent accountant.

Minutes to follow.

Best wishes

James Carlin (Election Officer)

Marc Thomas (Election Observer)

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