EGM - Future of the Twerton Park pitch

EGM - Future of the Twerton Park pitch

The Supporters’ Society called an EGM on Weds 25th April 2018. The single purpose of the EGM was to conduct a ballot to establish the members’ views on converting the Twerton Park pitch from grass to a “FIFA Quality Pro” surface. Those attending had the opportunity to cast a vote via a secure ballot box on the evening. Society members were also able to either on-line or via a postal vote – on a one member, one vote basis.

The Motion

All members were invited to vote “Yes” or “No” on the following motion:

“Bath City should immediately and provisionally pursue replacing the Twerton Park pitch with a "FIFA Quality Pro surface" subject to the conditions in the feasibility study being met. This would include a clear and sustainable plan to secure capital funding.”


  • Yes: 226 votes (89%)
  • No: 28 votes (11%)
  • Total: 254 votes
Therefore, the motion is carried.

We will inform the Club Board of the result and request we conduct the next phase by completing the business case, explore the funding options and satisfy the other conditions laid out in the 3G Feasibility Study

A break down of the results (by voting method) can be found at this link.

The meeting minutes can be found at this link.


A huge thank you to everybody who helped this EGM and vote happen. To scrutineer Mike Laughton, Compliance officer Paul Brotherton, The Club Board (and authors) for the informative and thorough Feasibility study, Cheryl Bradley for the membership details etc. Most of all,thanks to the fans / Society members for the healthy and informed debate conducted with dignity and respect. It’s a complex and emotional topic. It is clear that whilst we can agree and disagree, we ALL have the best interests of Bath City at heart.


Michael Clayton (Chair)

Bath City Supporters’ Society

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